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We are dumpster divers, takers, and makers

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One percent of profits go towards supporting mental health resources for both patients and their families within our community.

Hawthorne Laptop Sleeve
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Sellwood Clutch
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Broadway messenger

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We are dumpster divers.
We are takers and makers.

We legally and sustainably source vinyl advertising destined for Portland landfills and bring them to our shop where we sanitize them, cut out the coolest graphics and then turn those graphics into the main panels of our one-of-a-kind bags, bags that directly reduce the amount of un-recyclable material that is destined for area landfills.

We are hyper local and dedicated to helping save the planet. One bag at a time.


Hawthorne laptop sleeve

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Standing between
art and the landfill

Vinyl advertising is rugged, flexible, fade-resistant and, when done right, can be bold, stunning works of art. And a total menace to society.  

But not in Portland.

Portland is where we intercept million-dollar ad campaigns on their way to the landfill and turn them into durable, full-on, one-of-a-kind bags that help keep countless tons of graphic vinyl, no doubt created by tortured, jaded and misunderstood artists, from ending up in a landfill.

So if you’re looking for a bag that was once a menace to society, if you dig the planet, dig Portland, then we’ve got just the bag for which you have been looking.


Sellwood Clutch

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creating rugged, one-of-a-kind vinyl products that give banners and billboards a second, up-cycled life.

Fremont duffel

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Portland made

Portland, our home town, a heavily forested, semi-sleepy town famous for her liquid sunshine, food carts, breweries and Subarus. And up-cycled bags made with local propaganda. And yes, that guy on the unicycle with the bagpipes and fire.

Don’t visit Portland until you’ve had all your shots. Way too dangerous.

Anyway, back in the day we all worked at a sportswear company and saw first hand how so much vinyl, which is rugged, vibrant, flexible and waterproof—completely usable material—was going straight to the dump.

A total waste.

Especially considering most of these banners featured amazing graphics depicting world-class athletes, rugged trails, miles of doug fir, a zillion bridges, thick beer and everything else that makes Portland Portland. 

So not long after the “hey, wait a minute” moment we climbed into the rig, drove down our first alley, dove into our first dumpster and began creating our first, up-cycled vinyl bags, one-of-a-kind bags made from the fabric of the fabric of Portland.


Portland Banner Bags is a team project centered on one awesome idea. We bring different people with different skills together to make something cool, just like we do when we go diving for new vinyl. Turns out, a bunch of great parts make one awesome whole.

Peter Shoemaker

Founder / Owner

Brandon Haynes

Design Consultant


Cera Crocket


Nic Allstott

Web Content Developer

Paul Mitchell